Fresh Pressed Cider

Pressing cider twice weekly! 

Pressing apple cider through the end of December!

It's an incredible cider season again, especially the taste! The dry summer has enhanced the flavors!

We have the best, fresh apple cider in our Applehouse Farm Market. It is pressed weekly using apple varieties from our orchard.

Arrowhead mixes 3 sweet apple varieties to 2 tart varieties when pressing. A cider pressing never tastes the same. Many different apples are used depending on what is available in our cold storage rooms.

There is always some apple particle sediment at the bottom of a container of our cider because of pressing. We do not ultra filter.

Our cider must be refrigerated. We add nothing artificial to the product to preserve it on a shelf without refrigeration.

You are welcome to taste our cider every time you visit the Applehouse Market.

Cider Pricing:

Gallon - $7.00

Half gallon - $4.00

10 or more gallons - $6.75 each

20 or more gallons - $6.50 each

Our cider is not pasteurized. We use ultraviolet light to assure its safe consumption for all ages.

Here is a good article on UV Light and fruit juices / ciders.

Address: Arrowhead Orchard 11724 Lisbon St SE, Paris, OH 44669  
Email:   Market: 330-862-2733
Fall Activities: 330-614-2947 
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