2021 Summer Fruit Season!

Taking Orders Through July 17th!

Two pickup dates in July: To Be Determined

Sour cherries will be sold fresh & pitted but only in 30lbs. containers this year!


Order Sour & Sweet Cherries, Blueberries & Summer Apples

It's that time of year again to order summer fruit. We pick our summer Lodi apples in July and take orders for sour cherries, sweet cherries and blueberries that we bring in from Michigan or New York. The cherry and blueberry prices will be determined in July. We are expecting at least a 25% increase in sour cherry pricing this season due to several years of a short crop & post pandemic issues. Processors are only willing to pack 30lbs. containers. No 10lbs. containers are available.

You can order now. The apple, sweet cherry & blueberry crops are excellent! Order your fruit today by filling out our online order form.

You can also call now to place your order,

330-862-2733. There will be two dates in July where you can come to the orchard to pickup your fruit orders.

First Pickup Date: July, To Be Determined.

Second Pickup Date: July, week later, To Be Determined.

Yeah! Summer is here!

Fresh (non-frozen) sour cherries will be processed ONLY in 30lbs containers this year because of product & container availability & shipping issues. A 30# container is 15 quarts or 15 pies if using 4 cups to a pie. 10lbs. fresh cherry containers are not being processed.

Sour, red, Montmorency cherries are washed, graded, pitted, kept in their own juice (no sugar or water added) & shipped quickly to preserve freshness. 


Sweet red Bing & white Royal Ann cherries are fresh, whole cherries and are not pitted. Eat fresh or use a canner to preserve for storage.

Blueberries are fresh, whole and ready to use or freeze in baggies for easy storage.

Summer Lodi apples picking in July. They make smooth, tart applesauce and tasty summer pies. Apples should be kept refrigerated and used quickly. Summer apples grow fast and are full of juice. Lodi are a nice size apple.

One (1) bushel apples makes about 20-25 quarts of sauce. These early apples may split and burst if not stored at 40 degrees F or lower. Do not freeze apple before saucing. Freeze or can applesauce for storage.